June 15, 2017

American Quality Dumpsters is now part of the Strouse Rolloff Family

Waste Removal & Dumpster Rental In Indianapolis

Our dumpster and waste division is the foundation of our company. American Quality Dumpsters began in 2015 after an acquisition of a locally owned dumpster company, Dumpster Dawgs. The business of waste hauling is quite demanding in itself. Unlike our other services, the lead time and turn-around time are both very quick in this industry and we pride ourselves to stay up to speed with our customer’s needs. We understand if we run behind schedule, it can hinder the project schedule.

Our dumpster delivery system is unique. We have both large, heavy duty trucks and smaller, medium duty trucks. Along with the various sizes of trucks, we also offer various sizes of dumpsters. This enables us to fit in to tighter spots such as residential driveways, alleys and job sites where supply stacking space may be tight. We can work to find the right fit for you and your project.

Find the right waste removal size for your needs.Search each strategic waste removal size to find the right dumpster for your next project. Our smallest three dumpsters have been modeled to take up roughly the same ground space as a minivan. This specific designs and waste removal size allows us to be able to get in the harder to reach places, making demolition and removal easier for residential projects. Our three larger dumpster sizes have enough space for large commercial renovations and construction, without compromising the ability