What can you put in a dumpster?2020-07-29T13:44:02+00:00

Including, but not limited to scrap metal, cardboard, concrete, trees and brush, dirt, construction debris, basement and attic clean outs, garage clean outs, and demolition dumpsters. Whatever it may be, Strouse Roll Off dumpsters are the best choice for all your projects. We offer prompt and dependable pick-up and drop-off services. With more than 20 years of experience, we know that our clients are our greatest asset and wee look for ways in which we can service our loyal customer base.

How can I reserve my roll-off dumpster?2020-07-29T13:11:36+00:00

Request a quotation by calling in at 317-422-8116.

How do I get my dumpster rental picked up?2021-01-11T15:59:40+00:00

We pick up the dumpster when you tell us it is ready. Waste removal is up to the customer. We ask that you simply give us a call when you are ready to have your dumpster picked up. The customer is responsible for calling when pick up is ready to ensure your project is complete.

How long can I keep my dumpster rental?2021-01-11T16:00:33+00:00

You may keep your dumpster rental for as long as you would like, however after the 10 free days included in the quotation, there will be an additional charge of $5 per day.

Where will you place the removable dumpster?2020-07-29T13:10:38+00:00

You tell us! Although there are some limitations, the customer can specify the best area to place the dumpster.

  • Note: Your presence may be required at time of delivery to specify the exact placement of the dumpster, as long as our drivers can get in and out safely
When is payment for my dumpster rental due?2020-07-29T13:10:22+00:00

There are two options:

  • Credit Card payment is due over the phone when the order is placed
  • Check or Cash payment is due upon delivery of the dumpster
  • Note: All checks will require driver’s license verification
Which forms of payment do you accept?2020-08-06T03:18:26+00:00

Cash, checks (with a valid driver’s license), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or corporate charge account for commercial customers (subject to qualification and credit approval). All cards are subject to a 3% processing fee!

How far in advance should I order my roll-off dumpster?2020-07-29T13:09:52+00:00

We can typically deliver your dumpster with as little as a 1 day’s notice. However, the more notice the better. Our dumpsters are delivered on a “first come – first served” basis.

Is there anything I cannot put in my roll-off dumpster?2020-07-29T13:09:40+00:00

Yes. The following items cannot be placed in a dumpster: hazardous waste, chemicals, pesticides, asbestos materials, tires, liquids, or any item containing freon (refrigerators/air conditioners).

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