Q: Is there anything I cannot put in my roll-off dumpster?

A: Yes. The following items cannot be placed in a dumpster: hazardous waste, chemicals, pesticides, asbestos materials, tires, liquids, or any item containing freon (refrigerators/air conditioners).

Q: How far in advance should I order my roll-off dumpster?

A: We can typically deliver your dumpster with as little as a 1 day’s notice. However, the more notice the better. Our dumpsters are delivered on a “first come – first served” basis.

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, checks (with a valid driver’s license), Visa, MasterCard, American Express or corporate charge account for commercial customers (subject to qualification and credit approval.

Q: When is payment for my dumpster rental due?

A: There two options:

  • Credit Card payment is due over the phone when the order is placed
  • Check or Cash payment is due upon delivery of the dumpster
  • Note: All checks will require driver’s license verification

Q: Where will you place the removable dumpster?

A: You tell us! Although there are some limitations, the customer can specify the best area to place the dumpster.

  • Note: Your presence may be required at time of delivery to specify the exact placement of the dumpster, as long as our drivers can get in and out safely

Q: How high can I fill the dumpster?

A: To the top! The dumpster may be completely filled up, but the contents must not exceed the top level of the container.

Q: How long can I keep my dumpster rental?

A: As long as you would like. However, there is an additional charge of $5 per day after 10 days.

Q: Do you automatically pick up the roll off dumpster after 10 days?

A: We pick up the dumpster when you tell us it is ready. Waste removal is up to the customer. We ask that you simply give us a call when you are ready to have your dumpster picked up. The customer is responsible for calling when pick up is ready to ensure your project is complete.

Q: How can I reserve my roll-off dumpster?

A: Request a quotation by calling in at 317-422-8116.